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Why Kudela furniture

Reasons for which Kudela furniture is a good choice:

 High quality materials

In the process of furniture manufacturing we use top class materials. For most of our products and in case of collection furniture, we use entirely solid wood and veneered chipboard.

 Individual approach to a client

Kudela furniture offers you a wide variety of furniture choice in respect of colours, fabrics and measurements. We also accept special orders.

 Professional service

The purchase of furniture is a decision taken once in a great while that's why it's worth thinking it over and talking to our expert before a final choice. You can also save your time and choose the best solution thanks to help we offer with taking the individual measurements.

 Transport and furniture assembly

We offer free transport and furniture assembly within 100 km of the company or in case of large orders within 200 km.

 Guarantee and service

Kudela furniture gives a guarantee of quality and reliability of all original products up to five years. Not all damagages are covered by the guarantee but we can repair them as part of after-guarantee service.


In case of purchasing a few items Kudela furniture offers attractive discounts.

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